This release includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements including:


  • Issue with set dependent fields under a custom module. The dependent fields were not working as expected in the sidebar.
  • Display issue with the Collabspot button that enables the extension in Gmail. After disabling Collabspot, the button to enable shows minor glitches.
  • The Copy billing address checkbox in Accounts module was renamed in Sugar but still shows the default name in Collabspot.
  • Display issue in the Compose/Reply form where Gmail’s format toolbar overlaps the Send button when Collabspot is enabled.
  • Display issue in the setup/login menu where the “Remind Me Later” button is too close to the Disable link option in the menu.
  • Display issue when launching the setup menu in Collabspot. The “Remind Me Later” and “Login” buttons initially appears broken before it shows up correctly.