This release includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements including:


  • Some email attachments were not saving to Sugar. This was due to old code in our system which changes the attachment’s url then once its changed, our system was unable to process this or save this to Sugar.
  • Some of our customer’s custom module in the sidebar were not working properly. They can’t update any information of an existing record.
  • In Email templates, a customer was using custom fields in their Accounts module but the values of these fields were not populating when used in the template.
  • In Settings, the option to configure the module fields in the sidebar was no longer working.
  • Custom request to hide tasks marked as “Deferred”.
  • Some emails without a body/content were not saving to Sugar. 
  • When opening the new compose form in Gmail via keyboard shortcut to launch as pop-up window, Collabspot options that should’ve appeared at the bottom of the form were missing.
  • The Task’s date and time fields in Sugar weren't respected in the sidebar. The fields shows pre-define dates while in Sugar this appear as blank.