Blacklist allows the admin to add emails and domain name to exclude when saving outgoing emails to the CRM.  The listings are for tenant-wide usage and only the admin of the portal could modify, add and delete blacklists.

Domain Wide Blacklist

  • This enables the administrator to blacklist range of email address via their domain name (e.g.,,

  • There are common and generic emails that are blacklisted by default

Email Address Blacklist


Blacklist is implemented in the core feature of our system that is related to saving emails into the CRM. The following are known features that uses it: 

  • Saving of emails via the sidebar

  • Send Later

  • Smart Folders

  • Autosync (i.e smartfolders_all) 


    - Analytics dashlets/dashboard doesn’t support the blacklist

    - Generic email list can’t be modified

User Interface

An example screenshot of the blacklist page.

Special Options for blacklist page that are currently disabled by default.

  • Allow Saving of emails to blacklisted email address

        When this option is enabled, the blacklisted emails are still saved into the Sugarcrm but with modified email address on when they match the blacklists. (e.g. becomes

  • Automatically blacklist common generic email address

        Common emails having domain such as or are blacklisted.


Autosave feature allows the user to automatically save all their emails to the CRM.  This an enhanced module of Smart Folders which only saves email inside a particular label/folder.


Autosave works when syncing the user’s inbox to the CRM. The tenant must be configured to enable the autosave function and the specific user must be configured to enable autosave. As long as the email address is in the SugarCRM existing contacts.

Blacklist is also implemented in autosave. When a certain email matches the blacklist, there can be multiple scenarios that can happen.

  • If the option for blacklist “Allow Saving of emails to blacklisted email address” is enabled:

The emails will be saved into the CRM but a modified email address will be added (e.g. becomes .  This applies to multiple email address for CC and To.

  • If the option  “Allow Saving of emails to blacklisted email address” is disabled.

The email addresses for CC and To will be filtered against the blacklist. If there are remaining email address/es, the email will be saved to the CRM. It is recommended to disable “Allow Saving of emails to blacklisted email address” which is enabled by default in the blacklist page.


  • There is no UI to enable Autosave. It is currently enabled manually in the backend for tenant and specific user.

  • Smart Folders and Autosave are synced every 30 minutes.

  • Only new emails are synced to the CRM and not the entire inbox. In case the authorization of syncing has been revoked due to expired authorization, we sync all the messages for the last 3 hours (time constraint can be configurable at the backend).