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Clearing the Office application's cache on a Mac

Add-ins are cached often in Office for Mac, for performance reasons. Normally, the cache is cleared by reloading the add-in. If more than one add-in exists in the same document, the process of automatically clearing the cache on reload might not be reliable.

On a Mac, you can clear the cache manually by deleting everything in the /Users/{your_name_on_the_device}/Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.OsfWebHost/Data/ folder.

To clear the cache of add-ins like Connect, please follow these instructions:

1. Open Finder
2. Navigate to Go menu

3. From the drop-down menu, select "Go to Folder.."

4. Type /Users/{your_name_on_the_device}/Library/Containers/

5. Select all items from Data folder and click delete.

6. Open your Trash in Mac and select "Empty Trash" to permanently delete the data.