Collabspot allows you to mark the emails you're about to send from Outlook to be saved straight to your Sugar instance. To learn how to archive incoming emails to Sugar, please go to this link.


1. Allows you to save emails to Sugar without manually copy and pasting.

2. Saves time since you don’t have to switch from Outlook to Sugar 7 just to save emails.

3. Reduces human error.

Archive Outgoing Emails

1. In Compose or Reply form, click Copy to Selected Records button. 

2. A pop-up window will display the related entries of an email.

3. You can also search for specific entries by clicking Search.

4. After clicking Save button, you will notice a "marker id" inserted in the BCC field. This indicates that the email was marked to be saved in Sugar after sending. 

Note: You can choose to relate an email to the following:

  • A Lead
  • Another Contact
  • Another Account
  • An existing Opportunity
  • An existing Case

5. If you want to include attachments, click the Attachments tab. You can choose to save all attachments or not save any in Sugar. 

6. To mark the email to be saved in your Sugar instance, click the Save button. As soon as you send the email, it will be saved in Sugar shortly. 

Note: There's an expected delay of 15-30 minutes before you will see the emails in your Sugar instance. 

FEATURE REQUEST: You can request to archive email to other modules aside from the standard ones. Contact your reseller or Collabspot support through to know more.