This release includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements including:


  • [Classic] [Connect] Missing Collabspot button from Gmail’s new sidebar/panel in the New Gmail UI.

  • [Classic] Some Users are prompted to fill out the required fields for custom fields that were already filled out when creating activities in the sidebar. Thus, the activity can't be created.

  • [Classic] Attachments archived in Sugar were corrupted or cannot be opened once it's downloaded.

  • [Classic] Issues for inserted links and images in the archived email. The links and images were incorrectly saved in Sugar.

  • [Classic] For incoming emails, there was a way for Users to save a specific part of the message of the email by highlighting the part of the body before saving it to Sugar. At the moment, this is no longer working.

  • [Classic] One of our customer’s custom module in the sidebar have issues with the load more button. The button doesn’t load the rest of the list under the custom module.