We're aware of some glitches within our Send and Save functionality that you may be impacted by. This functionality is intended to give our users the quick ability to save emails  from Gmail to SugarCRM.

We have a commitment to provide our users with a quality product that solves your problems and saves you time. While we're working to resolve these issues to uphold that commitment, we'll be disabling this feature effective today.

On October 15th, 2018, our developers will be releasing an updated version of Collabspot. This release will resolve the issues experienced with the syncing of emails from Gmail to SugarCRM.

In the meantime, you can sync emails to SugarCRM by first sending your email and once sent, navigate to Sent Items/folder, look for the email that you want to save to Sugar and use either "Quick Save to SugarCRM" or "Save to SugarCRM" options.

We are very sorry that this may cause an inconvenience to you and your team. As there are updates, we will send communication to you.

Thank you!