Collabspot auto-creates a “Copy to CRM” label/folder under “Collabspot” in the user’s mailbox once Smart Folders is enabled. Any emails stored in this folder will be automatically copied to their configured CRM. The email is related to the appropriate contacts which match the email address used in the email.

Steps for each users

Go to Collabspot Portal.

Under Credentials, make sure that you’ve entered accurate Sugar credentials and linked the correct Google/Office365 account.





Notes for Users

1. You need to move or copy an email to this folder so that it will be saved to Sugar.

2. Manually removing the email from the folder will invalidate the email to be saved.

3. Only emails that have related entries will be saved to Sugar.

4. Emails that were successfully saved will move back to Inbox or Sent items only. Saved emails are also tagged as Collabspot/Copied to CRM.

5. Emails that do not have associated contacts in Sugar will not be synced and will remain in the folder.