Collabspot auto-creates a “Copy to CRM” label/folder under “Collabspot” in the user’s mailbox. Any emails stored in this folder will be automatically copied to their configured CRM. The email is related to the appropriate contacts which match the email address used in the email.


Requires your Admin to enable this feature in Collabspot portal.

Requires OAuth access to OfficeSuite in Collabspot portal.

Requires CRM credentials to be configured in Collabspot portal.

Steps for the Admin to enable the feature

1. Go to Collabspot Portal.

2. Under Admin Center, click Features section.

3. Click the edit button from the Manage Features page.

4. Enable the Smart Folders feature by clicking the button once (turn to colour green).

5. Save the changes. A confirmation message will appear and the window will refresh automatically. 

Note: Once the Admin enables the feature, the Copy to CRM folder will be created in your Office365/Google Mailbox within 24 hrs and the sync will automatically start once an email is move there. No additional configuration will be performed provided that pre-requisites are met.

Enabling the Smart Folders feature means activating the Send Later feature, too.