How to Enable Two-way Calendar Sync


Syncs meetings from your CRM account (i.e. SugarCRM) to your OfficeSuite account (i.e. Office365 or Google), and sync any changes from either side to the other.


  • Requires your Admin to enable this feature in Collabspot portal.
  • Requires OAuth access to OfficeSuite in Collabspot portal.
  • Requires CRM credentials to be configured in Collabspot portal.
  • Requires the user to manually start the sync in Collabspot portal.

Enable Two-way Calendar Sync from Collabspot Admin Portal

1. In your Collabspot sidebar, click the gear icon. Then click on Open Collabspot Portal button.  

2.  Click Features in the left panel. Then click the Edit button. 

3. Under Calendar Sync, click Enable button. The radio button and star icon on the left should both turn green. This indicates that the feature has been enabled. 

4. Once done, click the Save button. 

5. A confirmation appears that the changes has been saved after clicking the Save button. The Collabspot portal will automatically refresh. 

Under Credentials, make sure that you’ve entered accurate Sugar credentials and linked the correct Google/Office365 account.