An Admin can set multiple admins and remove others by just clicking Make Admin or Remove Admin button beside the user's email address on the Existing Users page. Please take note that a user should first install Collabspot or accept the invitation for him/her to appear on the list.

If in case the user is not yet a member of the team, below are the steps on how to send an invite and add user as Admin:

1. Make sure that you are logged in using the Admin email address.

2. Add their email address on the Collabspot Portal > Manage Users > Manage and send invites. You will have the options to send one by one or send by bulk.

3. Invited users will receive an email called Collabspot Team Invitation.

4. Advise new users to click on Accept the invitation and refresh Gmail to allow the changes to take effect.

5. Once new users accepted the invitation, their email address will now be listed under Existing Users. You'll now have the option to set them as Admin by clicking the "Make Admin" button beside their email address.

6. To remove Admin access, just click the "Remove Admin" button beside the user's email address.