With SugarCRM's Spring 2018 release, there are critical changes to the platform that affects some REST API based integrations including Collabspot. Please click this link for a detailed information.

In response to these changes, all customers who are using SugarCRM 8.x are now required to add Collabspot's API platform in order for their Collabspot extension to fully work in Office365 Mailbox. 

Administrators now have the ability to add or remove custom API platform identifiers via Admin > Configure API Platforms.

Here are instructions on how to add our platform into your instance:

1. Log in to Sugar.

2. Go to admin panel by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner, then selecting "Administration" from the drop-down.



3. Click on the link "Configure API Platforms" in the "Developer Tools" section.



5. Below the first table, enter "collabspot" and "collabspotbackend" in the field.

6. Click on the "Add" button to the right of the field. The "collabspot" and "collabspotbackend" platform will be added on the list. 

7. Click Save button.

8. Once it finishes saving, please re-start Outlook and login to Collabspot.