This release includes bug fixes, increased stability and performance improvements including:

  • Issues found when switching to the new Gmail UI:
  1. Missing Collabspot buttons/options in the message view.
  2. When opening an email, the sidebar no longer loads the related entry or shows the Add as Lead/Contact option automatically.
  3. Collabspot features such as Send Later, Copy to SugarCRM, Email Reminders and Email Tracking which are found in the compose form will no longer work.
  4. After disabling Collabspot using the option in the sidebar, the button to re-enable is no longer displaying in Gmail.
  • Archiving issue of Sugar 7.9 users where the email is always linked to the related Account of the record even the user selected a different record.
  • The button to open the related email from the email tracking's live notification is not working.
  • Users are prompted to fill out the required fields for fields that were already filled out when creating activities.