Description of bugs fixed / new features /functions:

  • Re-order items in home view with the same order of items from the navigation bar in Sugar.

  • Ability to search tasks from Tasklist view in the sidebar.

  • Fixes the issue with filters not working properly. Some filters are showing no results in the sidebar when there are results found in Sugar.

  • Respect the custom filters set in Sugar.

  • Fixes the issue with some fields missing due to the unsupported field type when viewing an entry's detailed information in the sidebar.

  • Collabspot sidebar will now load the related Contact first when loading a related entry from an email. User Case: When an email address or a recipient has both related Lead and Contact records, the sidebar will search and show the related Contact first.

  • Implemented "Other Results" list in the sidebar so Users will have the option to select and view other records having the same email address.