Here are the steps on how to load the package into an instance:

1. Please see the zip file sent to you. It contains the necessary pieces to be placed in the Sugar instance for Collabspot's SSO integration to work.

2. Log in to Sugar.

3. Go to Admin panel by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner, then selecting "Administration" from the drop-down.

4. Click on the link "Module Loader" in the "Developer Tools" section.

5. Below the first table, click on the button "Choose file", and select the zip file provided.

6. Click on the Upload button to the right of the file name.

7. Once the package appears in the bottom table, click on the Install button next to its name.

8. Once it finishes installing (it just means files finished being copied around), go back to the Admin panel.

9. In the section "System", click on the link "Repair".

10. Click on the first link "Quick Repair and Rebuild" and wait for it to finish (this may be a few minutes).

If it shows an entry at the bottom of the results page about the db being out of synch, you can either just execute the SQL queries in it or leave it as is. The DB should not be affected by the package.

After the package is successfully loaded, we would need to have a Sugar Test User account to start working on any requested features. Another important thing which we need is these URL's (See highlighted box from the image below.)