At the moment, the following only works when the SSO method used is SAML and we will need a sandbox access for testing purposes.


Phase I


1. You will need to install a package from us, see package attached below for installation. This package contains the necessary pieces to be placed in the Sugar sandbox and production instance for Collabspot's SSO integration to work.

Collabspot Custom Module / Package -  Sugar does not support SSO login for third-party apps like ours yet. The module is a way for this to be supported. The SSO login popup that you see on the instance only works for that specific site. The module allows the same popup to work on Gmail (and hence our extension). This has already been verified by Sugar too. We have done the same with our other customers who are using SAML.

2. We're not allowed to configure or install anything in your Sugar7 so your IT/SugarCRM Administrator should be the one to install the custom module on the sandbox instance. Ideally, this sandbox instance must mirror the production instance in terms of configuration. See Link on how to install the module.

3. We need temporary access to your Sandbox (a test user/account with SSO login). The very purpose of the Sugar test user is just for us to test the SSO login in Collabspot.

4. We will then configure your Collabspot account to work with your SSO login in your sandbox. With the test user also, this allows us to verify if our configuration will work. Once our team has the configuration ready and has tested it to be working on the sandbox instance, we can proceed to Phase II.

Phase II

This Phase is similar to Phase I, except the steps are performed on the production SugarCRM instance.

1. Our team applies the configuration prepared on the Phase I to your account.  By then, you can start testing Collabspot on your end with your sandbox. Note, that this will not work when using your production instance yet.

2. After you've confirmed that it works for you, we'll then update your Collabspot account so you can use it with your production instance.

3. With the custom module installed and the configuration applied, other users of your Collabspot account can now start using the Chrome Extension with SSO.

            - Users must be provisioned under the Collabspot account for which the configuration was applied for SSO to work for those users.