Users will be re-granting two Collabspot permissions (Extensions and Google).

Revoke Access first:

1. Go to this link.

2. Revoke Access for Collabspot (This will revoke the three permissions already).

3. Refresh Gmail.

4. Re-enter Credentials to grant Extension Permissions.

To re-grant Google Permissions

For saving of attachments to Salesforce, for email tracking to work, and other Collabspot features. Users need to re-grant "Permissions" which will appear via:

  • Collabspot Options under Account Settings
  • At the bottom of the New Compose/Reply Form
  • Under Ataachments tab when you open "Save to SugarCRM" window

Click this link for more detailed information.

NOTE: Email archiving feature for Collabspot will not work unless re-granting permission has been done.