Re-installing Collabspot Connect in Outlook

1. Log in to Outlook using your Office 365 account and from your Home bar, look for Store (red shopping bag icon). Click the button and it will launch a new popup window then loads Office Add-Ins page.

2. Select My add-ins section in the left panel.

3. Look for Collabspot Connect on the list of My add-ins. Click the Uninstall button beside Collabspot.

4. Once Collabspot Connect is removed from the list, stay on the same page (My add-ins).

5. Click on "Click here to add a custom add-in".

6. From the drop-down menu, select "Add from URL".

7. Paste the exact URL:

8. Click OK button and then click the Install button after.

9. Collabspot Connect should now re-appear on the list of My add-ins.

10. Please click this link to guide you on how to setup Collabspot in Outlook.