Before setting-up Connect Pro, please make sure that you already have an account in Collabspot. If you haven't signed up yet, please go to this link.

After you've successfully created an account in Collabspot, go to Overview page of the portal. 

Once there, go to CRM AnalyticsGet Started.


Follow the steps provided in the Get Started page. Here are some notes for each step.

Step 1 - Connect your Outlook/Gmail account

This should already be setup for you when you logged in with your Outlook/Gmail account

Step 2 - Connect your CRM

Provide the credentials to an admin account to your SugarCRM instance. It is required to be an admin account.

Step 3 - Link your Collabspot user account with the SugarCRM admin account you have just provided. Click the Link button.

Step 4 - Click the Start button to begin the synchronization process of your CRM data for analytics. This will take a couple of minutes, depending on the number of data in your CRM.

Step 5 - If you already have other users in your account, click Manage Users and assign which Collabspot users correspond to which SugarCRM users.

Step 6 - Download the Dashlets Package

Once downloaded, go to your SugarCRM Administrator page, then from there, go to Module Loader. In your SugarCRM's Module Loader page, upload the downloaded zip file and install the package. After installing, go back to Collabspot Portal to finish the remaining steps. 

(Optional) You can also download and install the New Fields Package in a similar fashion.

Step 7 - Click the Create button to setup the analytics dashlets in your SugarCRM instance.

Step 8 - If you installed the New Fields Package, enable the Push Analytics Data to CRM to view analytics data directly in the records list rows in your SugarCRM.

Step 9 - Finish. You are now ready. Your data will be visible soon in your CRM (it can take from few hours to a day or two depending on how much data you have)

Collabspot Analytics running in your SugarCRM