This article explains how you can archive e-mails to SugarCRM in bulk

1. After you've setup Collabspot Connect in your Outlook, ask your Admin to setup the analytics sync via
https://<organization> (please replace <organization> with your set organization shortname).

2. After your Admin have done setting up the analytics, please submit a ticket to for the activation of this feature. By default, this feature is not included in the standard features of Collabspot and must be activated first by our own Admin.

3. One of our Collabspot support representative will get back to you with the confirmation that we've enabled this feature for you. Once enabled, you will have to wait for an hour before the Collabspot folder appears in your Outlook.

3. Collabspot folder will appear in Outlook. Go to your Inbox or to any folder and select which e-mails you wanted to be copied to Sugar.

4. After selecting the e-mails. Look for Move button from Home tab and click this button.

5. Select Copy to Folder from the pop-up menu.

6. A small window will pop-up. Please enter "Copy To CRM" in the Search bar.

7. Don't forget to click Copy.

8. Check the emails from Collabspot - Copy to CRM folder

9. Collabspot will check the folder every hour for any new e-mails found on this folder and will then copy these to Sugar.

                                Same steps are followed when moving an email to Collabspot - Copy to Sugar folder

10. Archive e-mails will appear in Emails section of an entry. Please make sure that all e-mails moved to Collabspot - Copy to CRM folder has related contact/leads in Sugar. Otherwise, the e-mail will not be saved to Sugar.

Automatically Archive Future E-mails to Sugar

To automatically save all future emails from a certain recipient, please set the option to move all future emails from this recipient to the Collabspot folder. To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. In Outlook's Home bar, look for the Move button and click the dropdown arrow to open the menu.

2. Select "Always Move Messages in This Conversation..." option.

3. On the pop-up window, look for Collabspot folder and select "Copy to CRM".

4. Click OK button after.

5. Future e-mails from this recipient will automatically be moved to Collabspot folder thus saving these e-mails to Sugar. Always remember that emails with no related contacts/leads in Sugar will not be saved.