There are requirements before you can use Collabspot Connect for Office365

The primary requirement is to signup for a Collabspot account. To sign-up, your admin or colleague, who already has an organization in Collabspot needs to invite you first.

Collabspot will create an organization for each new user that signs up without an invite link, even if the users share the same email address domain.

To avoid this, we recommend that an admin of the organization, usually the one who first signed up for the service, sends an invitation link to other members of his/her team. This way, when the other members sign up via the invitation link, they will automatically be included in the primary organization. The admin can do this from the Users menu in the Collabspot portal page. Please go to this link on how to invite other users in your organization so they can use Collabspot.

If you're signing up for individual use or as the first user in your organization, please follow the steps below:

1. Click this link or go to and select Connect for Office 365 in the options.

2. Click Sign Up For A Free Trial button.

3. The page will redirect to Collabspot Connect Portal.

4. Click Office 365 "blue" button. 

5. Enter the email address of your office365 account to use for signing in. 

6. Click Sign in button.

7. Fill-out the form and select either as only 1 salesperson (user) for individual use or you may select other options in the menu depending on the size of your organization.

8. After clicking the SIGN UP button, please wait for a couple of minutes while Collabspot is preparing your organization.

9. The welcome dashboard will load by default.

To get started with Collabspot Connect Add-in, select GET STARTED from Mailbox Integration to Install Collabspot Connect.

Install Collabspot Connect in Outlook

Before installing Collabspot Connect, please make sure that you already have an account in Collabspot. If you haven't signed up yet, please go to this link.

1. Log in to Outlook using your Office 365 account.

2. From your Home bar, look for Store (red shopping bag icon).

3. Click the button and it will launch a new popup window then loads Office Add-Ins page.


4. Select My add-ins section in the left panel.

5. Click on "Click here to add a custom add-in".

6. Select "Add from URL" from the drop-down menu.

7. Paste the exact URL:

8. Click the OK button and then click the Install button after.

The Collabspot Connect should now appear on the list of My add-ins.

To setup Colalbspot in Outlook, please click this link