Once Collabspot Connect is added to your office365 account, Collabspot buttonswill appear at the upper right hand side of the toolbar. 

Click the Open Sidebar button and the Collabspot sidebar will launch. You may now proceed to the next step.

Requirements before using Collabspot Connect

1. Make sure that you or your Admin have already signed-up for Collabspot account to avoid issues when you login to Collabspot in the Add-in. If you haven't done this, please click this 
link to sign-up.

2. Your Outlook needs to be up to date. We keep Collabspot Connect up to date with the latest version of Outlook, previous versions are no longer supported by Collabspot.

Login to Collabspot

Before you can start using Collabspot, you need to perform these steps:

1. Activate Collabspot in your Office365. 


2. Popup window will let you choose which account you want to use.

3. You will be required to enter your Sugar Credentials. Don't forget to click "Login". 

IMPORTANT: Please enter the correct Sugar Server URL. See example below:

4. Initalizing may take less than a minute. 

5. After successful configuration, you should now see Collabspot's default view which load's the related entry found in the email or will ask you to add an entry as contact or lead:

Are you still experiencing issues during the installation? email support@collabspot.com