If I archive an email to a contact, will it also archive the email to the account the contact is associated with?

Yes. Collabspot archives emails related to the Contact associated with the incoming or outgoing email and the Account it is associated with as long as the contact exists in Sugar. Emails will be archived to contacts and accounts who:

  • Received the email
  • Sent the email
  • Cc’ed or Bcc’ed in the email

Why was my email not archived to Sugar?

There are multiple reasons why email archiving fails:

  • When you don't see the confirmation message, “Email Saved”. This means that the email was not saved because of network connection or connection with your Sugar server. If you experience this issue, try archiving the email at a later time.
  • The email was archived at a different account/contact/opportunity/case.
  • The email has no related entry in Sugar.

If its none of the reasons above, please contact support@collabspot.com.