This appears when you have entered the Sugar URL, Username, and Password incorrectly.

A. Verify if the username and password entered are correct.

B. Check if the Sugar Server entered is correct.

Always include the http or https but do not include the rest of the URLs found after the Server Name.

The format should be similar to this: 


Unless you’re using a Private Server: Collabspot requires the entire URL to be entered in the field. If you are unsure what Sugar Server URL to use, please contact your Admin or IT.

C. Reset your password in your SugarCRM 7.x instance and try to login to your Collabspot once more with the new password.

D. You're using Private Network: Chances are when Collabspot is trying to access your Sugar, your Network may have restricted request coming from Collabspot. It is very important that your Network allows access to Collabspot's Server. Your IT or Admin must allow access to the following IP addresses:

  • Please open up HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) ports for the 3 IP addresses: