Collabspot allows you to manage information in SugarCRM with Collabspot’s Module list view.

To go to your Module's list, click the Home menu icon at the lower left part of the sidebar.

The sidebar will display the list of default Modules available in your SugarCRM instance.

Search bar - Search any records available in Sugar

Back Button - Go back to the previous page

Home Button - Display the list of Modules you have in Sugar

Collabspot Settings - Settings (Logout Collabspot or Switch SugarCRM Account), Open Collabspot Portal, and Open SugarCRM

The sidebar will display the list of entries under the Module you selected. You can create a new entry or filter/sort the list of entries to be displayed. 

Filter menu - Filter or sort the list

Add button - Add a new entry in Sugar

Refresh - Refreshes the list of entries for this certain module