In addition to displaying your Contact’s data stored in your CRM, Collabspot also provides social media information as an added value to its features. You can view the contact’s Twitter feed, status updates in Facebook, and a summary of their LinkedIn profile.


  • Viewing Social Media Information
  • Factors affecting View of Social Media Information

How to View Social Media Information

  1. When viewing a contact, the extension sidebar has a “Social” section. It provides three buttons to sign-in with your appropriate social media accounts. (see image below)


  2. Click on each button to log in to each service. It will show you a pop-up login page
  3. Once you’ve activated the service, Collabspot will immediately start looking for your contact’s social media profiles.
  4. If a contact’s social information is available, you can view them by hovering over the desired service. (see assets/docv2 below)

  • For Twitter : Hover your mouse over Twitter

  • For Facebook : Facebook API no longer supports or allows preview of information from Facebook Users. Collabspot User will be redirected to their Facebook page to view details. For more information, please go to this link

  • For Linkedin : Hover your mouse over Linkedin

Why can’t I view the social media information?

There are two major factors:

  1. This feature is available for Premium and Enterprise subscribers only. 
  2. Collabspot uses a 3rd party service, Full Contact, to find a contact’s social data derived from the email address. The error message No Social Data Found will be displayed if Full Contact cannot find the contact’s information.

Note: There are numerous factors why Full Contact cannot find a contact or lead’s social media information. The most common reason is the privacy settings on the person’s Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn accounts.

How to Disable my Social Integration


1. Click on your Collabspot icon on the upper right corner of Gmail.
2. On the dropdown list, click on Settings
3. Click No for Show social section in sidebar.

         4. Click on Save Settings.