The sync periodicity between Google & Salesforce is done every hour.

During the initial sync, Collabspot will:

  1. Create a Google Calendar called Salesforce.
  2. Sync events that are assigned to you from Salesforce. 
  3. Sync events in Salesforce that are up to 7 days old from the time of the initial sync. 


  1. Only events that are assigned to you in Salesforce can be synced to Google.
  2. Events that are 7 days older will no longer be synced to your Google-Salesforce calendar.
  3. Events that you are just a participant and repetitive events will not sync.
  4. If you are a participant and accept the Salesforce Event through your Google Calendar:
    • The event will be saved to your personal/primary calendar.
    • The event will not be saved in your Google-Salesforce calendar.
  5. If you want to sync an event that you are a participant in:
    • Copy the event from your personal Calendar to your Google-Salesforce Calendar.
    • Take note, you will see two events saved on your Salesforce instance. One event will be the one you are a participant in and the other will be the one which you are assigned to (copied to your Google-Salesforce calendar)
  6. Auto update of events will only take place after the initial sync and updates every hour.
  7. Clicking the "Reset" button will stop the sync feature but will not delete the Salesforce folder in Google Calendar. You need to manually delete the calendar in Google.



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