1. Open the Collabspot Portal via the sidebar. Click on the Gear Icon. Select Open Collabspot Portal on the pop-up menu.

2. On the Portal, click on Contact and Calendar Sync

3. On the Salesforce Sync page, click on
Click here to begin.

4. Follow the installation prompts until the section that advises you to close the window.

5. Your Salesforce Sync page in the Collabspot Portal should display like the image below. If not, please refresh the Portal. Click on Enable beside Calendar Sync.

6. Click on Start Sync    

7. A Salesforce calendar will be created on your Google Calendar.


Collabspot makes it easy to synchronize your Salesforce meetings and calls with your Google Calendar. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Work on a new Salesforce Calendar in gmail, so we don't mix with your personal events.
  • Synchronize your Salesforce events with your Google Calendar, and synchronise back the changes.
  • Access all your meetings from a mobile device using standard Google Calendar apps (Android, iPhone and iPad).
  • Keep your events in Salesforce and Google Calendar in sync as you update and change meetings details.