We make it easy to synchronize your Salesforce contacts to Google

You can see your Salesforce contacts directly from Google. You don't even need to install into Salesforce, simply give Collabspot access to your Salesforce Contacts, and we take care of the rest. To sync your Contacts, follow the steps below:

Steps to start contact sync in Salesforce

1. Open the Collabspot Portal through the sidebar. Click on the Gear Icon. Select Open Collabspot Portal on the pop-up menu.

2. On the Collabspot Portal, click on Calendar and Contacts Sync on the left panel.

3. Hit "Click here to begin" button and follow the prompts.

4. Hit on Enable button under Contact Sync section and then click "Start Sync"


Note:  Contact sync only works one-way from Salesforce to Google Contacts. Adding a contact from Google Contacts will not sync that contact to Salesforce. You will have to add the contact through the sidebar for it to appear on Salesforce and sync back to your Google Contacts.



What happens after the contact sync is done?

Once the sync is completed you will see a Salesforce folder created on Google Contacts. Collabspot will then sync your contacts in 1 hour intervals.

How are contacts being synced from Google to Salesforce and Vice Versa?

Collabspot syncs your contacts to Salesforce using a straightforward workflow; Once a contact is created using the sidebar it is subsequently created to your Salesforce account. Your Salesforce contacts are then synced to your Google Contacts every hour. The same is true if the contact was created directly from Salesforce.

Requirements when doing the sync

     1. The user should have access to the Contacts Module on Salesforce . If a user has no access to the contacts module then they will need to speak to their administrator to grant them access.

     2. A contact should have been created by the user or is assigned to them. Contacts that are not assigned to a user or is assigned to a team where the user does not have access to will not display on the sidebar.

     3. “When I send a message to a new person, add them to Other Contacts so that I can auto-complete to them next time”. (Gmail > Options > General Tab > Create contacts for auto-complete)

This option should be disabled to prevent multiple contacts being created. Disabling this feature will not automatically add new email addresses to the Other Contacts group in Google Contacts. This prevents having duplicate contacts on the Salesforce group and Other Contacts group. It is advisable to create new contacts and add them to Salesforce through the Collabspot sidebar.


  • This feature will only allow you to sync contacts from Salesforce to your Google Contacts but not vice versa.
  • Creating contacts should only be done via the Collabspot sidebar or through Salesforce.
  • Contacts that exists on Google contacts but is not found on Salesforce are not automatically added when synced.
  • Contact sync time interval is set to every hour only.