Incoming Emails

Collabspot allows you to archive the emails you receive straight from Gmail to Salesforce.

We archive two types of emails: incoming (received) and outgoing (sent) emails.

In this section we will learn how to archive incoming emails.


How to Archive Incoming Emails

There are two ways to archive Incoming Emails:

1. Quick save to Salesforce

Automatically archives to the contact, lead, and account related to the email address listed on the From, To, CC, and BCC fields.


  • The emails will be archived to the related contact/lead/account. This is linked to the email addresses listed on the To, From, CC, and BCC fields.
  • The email will be archived to an account that is linked to the Contact, if it exists.
  • The  contact/lead/account must exist in Salesforce.
  • A confirmation message will appear once the email was saved to Salesforce.
  • Emails will be saved as Tasks (Salesforce)


2. Save to Salesforce

Allows you to customize where the emails can be archived. ( Account, Contact, Opportunities, Cases, etc.)


  • A contact/lead/account that is linked to the email addresses on the email must exist in Salesforce.
  • The email will be saved as a Task (Salesforce settings)
  • A task will be created for each selection made on the Save to Salesforce option.