Incoming Emails

Collabspot allows you to archive incoming emails straight from Gmail to Salesforce. 

To learn more about archiving outgoing emails, please go to this link.


How to Archive Incoming Emails

You can archive incoming emails in two ways: 

1. Quick save to Salesforce

Automatically archives to the Contact, Lead, and Account related to the email address listed in From, To, CC, and BCC fields.


  • The emails will be archived to the related contact/lead/account. This is linked to the email addresses listed on the To, From, CC, and BCC fields.
  • The email will be archived to an account that is linked to the existing Contact in Salesforce.
  • The contact/lead/account must exist in Salesforce.
  • A confirmation message will appear once the email was saved to Salesforce.
  • Emails will be saved as Tasks (Salesforce).


2. Save to Salesforce

Customize where your emails will be archived by selecting related entries such as Account, Contact, Opportunities, Cases, etc.


  • A contact/lead/account that is linked to the email addresses on the email must exist in Salesforce.
  • The email will be saved as a Task (Salesforce settings)
  • A task will be created for each selection made on the Save to Salesforce option.