Collabspot serves as the link between your Sugar and Google Contacts. This means that you can view your Sugar Contacts on any device that can access/view Google Contacts. 

Sync Time

Here is the sync time for all Collabspot subscriptions and CRMs:

We also offer a 15 minute sync for $15/user/month. Please contact to activate this feature. 


Collabspot's Contact sync is a ONE WAY SYNC. Only changes made on your Sugar instance will sync over to Google. Any changes made on a contact on Google will not sync over to Sugar

Take Note

  1. Contacts should be edited/created from the Collabspot sidebar or SugarCRM directly. 
  2. If a contact is edited or deleted in Google Contacts, the contact will reappear on your Google Contacts after the automatic sync is completed. 

Sync Contacts not Assigned to you

Collabspot has a new feature, on the sidebar, called Sync to Google Contacts. This will allow you to manually sync contacts directly from your sidebar to Google. Here is how to do it: 

  1. Open the contact you want to sync to Google on the sidebar. 
  2. Click on Sync to Google Contacts. Take note that the contact does not have to be assigned to you. 
  3. Wait for a few seconds to a minute for the update in Google to take place.