Sync to Google Contacts

Automatically add your contacts from SugarCRM 6.x to Google Contacts with a click of a button!
This feature is only available for Collabspot for SugarCRM 6.x users.

How do I sync?

Even you've already set-up Collabspot for Gmail, you will still need to set-up the Contact sync before starting because this feature operates independently from the Collabspot sidebar for Gmail, and so does not have access to the credentials used by the sidebar.

To start using the contact sync, you will have to re-enter the same SugarCRM credentials that you're using when logging-in to Sugar's default login form (i.e. the SugarCRM username and password).

    A. Go to Collabspot Portal


Take note: You cannot sync contacts if you haven't granted permission to Collabspot yet.

    B. By using the Sync to Google Contacts
 button on the sidebar.

If you experience any issues when syncing, please contact