How to Grant Google Permissions for Collabspot:SugarCRM 6.x

Google Permissions is needed when trying to access Collabspot features (e.g. Attachments saving to CRM, Email reply tracking, Contact Sync, Calendar Sync, etc.)

Different ways to grant permission:

  • via Save to SugarCRM Reference window
  • via Collabspot Settings


via Save to SugarCRM Reference window

        1. Open an email thread
        2. Hit the Collabspot Logo    on the upper right-hand corner of the thread.

        3. From the dropdown menu, Select "Add to Sugar".

        4. From Related list navigate to Select Attachments To Include tab.

        5. Here, you are given the option to Give Access.


via Collabspot Settings

        1. Open Collabspot Menu next to the gear icon on the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail.

        2. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

        3. A new window will pop-up, from General navigate to Google tab.

        4. Beside Permissions, click "Grant Permissions".

After granting Google permissions, you should be able to save attachments to Sugar with no issues, track replies, start calendar and contact sync,  etc.

IMPORTANT: Unless you've granted Google permissions to Collabspot, archiving attachments to Sugar won't work yet.



Are you experiencing issues granting permissions? Contact for further assistance.