Collabspot allows you to manage your meetings, calls, and tasks from the Activities section on your sidebar.


  • Create Tasks
  • Update a Task
  • Manage Task List

How to Create Tasks:

            1. Open a customer’s profile from the sidebar.


            2. Click on the PLUS icon at the bottom left of the sidebar and select New Task.

            3. Enter the task’s details on the Create a Task form.

        4. Click the Check button to save.


How to Update a Task

To update a task:

  1. Open the contact’s profile from the sidebar.
  2. Hover your mouse over the task under Activities section. A pop-up window will show and you may update the task from the tooltip.


How To Manage Tasks List

You can manage your tasks right from your Inbox. 

By default, the Tasks list are partially hidden. Click Show All to view all the list of tasks that you are assigned to.

You can view a list of the one due for the day. Click Refresh to get the latest changes or if you want to return to default view or partially hide the tasks list, just click Hide others

Mark them as completed, write an email to the associated contact Or postpone to a later date right before you even start to read your emails.