Collabspot brings SugarCRM 6.x into Gmail to help you save time and close more deals.

Collabspot helps you save 5 hours or more per work week which you would normally use to switch between Gmail and SugarCRM 6.x to view or update information.


Collabspot Sidebar
Conveniently view, manage, and update a prospect or customer’s information straight from your Gmail account.

Email Archiving
Archive incoming and outgoing emails from Gmail to SugarCRM 6.x

Contact Sync
View your contacts, events, and tasks from any device that has access to Google Contacts and Calendar. 

Email Templates and Email Tracking
Manage and monitor the emails you send using our email template and tracking feature.

Definition of Terms

  1. Sidebar - Collabspot’s interface that displays information from SugarCRM.
  2. Email Archiving - Saving emails to SugarCRM.
  3. Admin - The person who manages the subscription/team.
  4. Users - Email addresses that are part of the admin’s subscription.
  5. Collabspot Portal - Site that allows you to manage your Collabspot account.
  6. Gmail Dashboard - Homescreen for your Gmail account.