Requirements before Installing

1. Your Collabspot version must match your Sugar instance. Sugar 6 and SuiteCRM users should install Collabspot for Sugar 6.x and Sugar 7 and 8 users should install Collabspot for Sugar 7.x.

        Collabspot: SugarCRM 6.x for Gmail for Sugar6 users

        Collabspot: SugarCRM 7.x for Gmail for Sugar7 and 8 users


2. Collabspot needs to be installed on every device that you will be using it with. (**We do not support mobile phones**)

Tip: Creating a Chrome Profile allows you to load existing extensions from one
computer to another without having to reinstall Collabspot every time. This works for other extensions as well.

How to Install Collabspot for Sugar 6.x

    1. Visit Collabspot, hover your mouse over "Collabspot Classic for Gmail" and select Sugar CRM 6.X, then follow the installation steps.


2. In Gmail, click on Activate Collabspot.

3. Manually close this window.

4. You will be required to enter your SugarCRM credentials. Don't forget to click "Save".

If you are experiencing issues when logging in, contact