1. Username and password credentials not accepted - this error appears when you have entered the Sugar URL, username, and password incorrectly.

        A. Verify if the username and password entered is correct.
        B. Check if the Sugar Server entered is correct. The format should be: unless you’re using a private server. If you are unsure what Sugar Server URL to use, please contact your Admin or IT.
        C. Reset your Sugar password.

    2. Can I login to multiple CRM accounts?  Yes; however, you can only access one CRM/user at a time.

    3. I accidentally installed Collabspot on the wrong email address. How do I disable the extension there?

        A. Open the Gmail account where Collabspot was installed.
        B. Click on the Collabspot Menu at the upper right corner of Gmail.
        C. Click on Disable Extension.

    4. You’re in an unsupported version of SugarCRM. Collabspot supports versions supported by SugarCRM. Please click on this link to view the versions we support. We do not support versions lower than "vs 6.4.x". Although we support SuiteCRM, there might be feature that will not work with Collabspot. This is a limitation of Sugar 6's API.

    5. Your Sugar username/password has been changed. This is an issue with Sugar’s password expiration feature. Disable the password expiration feature.