For Custom Module Request:

Before we can start evaluating your request, we need these relevant information:

1. List of Modules Involved.

2. How does the module behaves in your CRM?

3. How do you want this module to behave in the sidebar?

4. What specific functionalities you want to add e.g Able to View Details, Relate Emails, Appears under Primary Module?

If the custom module appears under a parent module(Primary module):

5. We need a screenshot of the relationship table where it shows the relationship name of the Primary module linked to the custom module.

6. Temporary CRM access or test user in your SugarCRM. We need this to run test and make sure that the configuration will work on your instance.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend using LastPass to send the credentials (Sugar URL, UN, PW). Please select "Give Credentials" when sending to If you don't have LastPass, just send the credentials directly to

7. Please send all details to and we will get back to you.