IMPORTANTAvailable only for Collabspot's Salesforce, SugarCRM 7 & SugarCRM 8.


Be reminded when to reply and follow up with your contacts. Collabspot provides notifications when a reminder is due. You can use this feature when you need to:

  • Follow-up on an email if the recipient hasn’t replied.
  • Send notifications/reminders at a certain date.
  • Follow-up on a specific emails after nth number of days regarding a certain topic.
  • Clear your inbox of the emails that you need to followup.

There are 2 ways on how you can set a reminder:

1. From an Incoming Email

  • Open the email you wanted to set yourself a reminder
  • Click the Collabspot icon on the upper right of the email
  • On the dropdown menu, select Add Reminder

2. From an Outgoing Email

  • On the Compose/Reply/Forward form, click the Bell icon located at the lower right-hand side of the form. It is beside the eye icon (for Email Tracking).

Doing both steps will launch a reminder form where you can set your personal reminder.

How Email Reminder Works

Reminders that are not due yet are found in Upcoming Reminders.

A reminder will move to Active Reminders when its due.


Email tracking is automatically enabled once you set a reminder for an outgoing email. This way, Collabspot can determine if a reminder received any replies.

"Only if No Reply" Option

This option is enabled by default. Once a reminder is tagged as "Only if No Reply" and the associated email received a reply from the recipient, the reminder is automatically deleted from the Reminder's list.


NOTE:  It could take 15 minutes or more for Collabspot to detect a reply versus the actual time the reply was received in Gmail. Only after this time the reply icon highlights. 

"Only if No Reply" disabled
When you uncheck this option, the replies are completely ignored. Reminders will still appear on the list even when a reply is received.

How to manually delete a reminder
Place a checkmark beside the reminder. The reminder will be removed from the list in few seconds.