IMPORTANT: Available only for Collabspot Sugar7, Sugar 8, and Salesforce

Use Collabspot's Send Later feature to send emails at the right time. 

1. Click on "Send Later" button

2. A small window will pop-up.

   Customise when an email will be sent:
  • Choose a timeframe
  • Choose specific time/date
  • Choose Timezone

3. Don't forget to click Send Later button on the pop-up window.

4. Wait for the confirmation message.

5. All emails with "Send Later" feature will be temporarily saved in Collabspot-Outbox folder.

Failed To Send Emails

Collabspot sends all emails from Collabspot-Outbox folder even when you're offline but if these emails are no longer found in the Outbox folder then the feature will stop after 10 attempts. An email will be sent to the owner notifying how many attempts Collabspot tried to send the email but failed.