Important: Only available for Sugar 7, Sugar 8 and Salesforce users. 

Real Time Notifications

Gives you immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your message. You will be notified in real time when your prospect opens your message and when they've clicked the link from your email.

The Email View Notification

This feature is disabled by default. To enable this, simply go to your Collabspot Settings.
1. Click the gear icon  on the lower right-hand corner of the sidebar.

2. Select Options from the popup menu.

3. A new window will pop-up, from General tab, navigate to Email Tracking settings.

4. Click "YES" on Enable real time email view notifications and then hit the Close button.


Link Click Notifications

This feature is already enabled by default. To disable, just click "NO" in Track clicks on links in tracked emails.



When a recipient opened your email, a notification will pop-up when they click on the inserted link. 



1. Users may not get any notifications from tracked emails sent to a recipient who is also using Collabspot or users who are using the same IP Address.

2. Pop-up blocker must be disabled to receive real-time notifications. 

3. Slow or interrupted network connections causes long delays on notifications.


4. We're using linked images for Email tracking. Last December 2013, Google implemented a change to how linked images are handled in Gmail webmail. Somehow, these changes affect the way email tracking works. Please see link for more information.