Email Tracking Detailed Information


1. To ensure that an email is being tracked by Collabspot, the eye icon must be highlighted before sending an email.

2. To track links properly, inserted links in an email should be a hyperlink. It should be clickable at the time you were tracking the email. To avoid issues, please use Gmail's feature "Insert Link" when tracking links.

How Email Tracking Works

Collabspot uses a tracking image/pixel embedded within your email and we rely on this tracking pixel. When the receiver opens your email, the tracking pixel loads and thats how we detect and record the events. An event is any action related to email tracking i.e View, Click and Replied. Note that there is a delay per event:

  • Click and Views will take 1-3 minutes. The 1-3 minutes delay prevents the sidebar from being flooded with new events.
  • Replied events will take up to 15 mins to appear than the actual time the reply was received.
  • The older the tracked email is, the longer it takes to track.
  • Slow or interrupted network connections causes long delays on events.

How Links are Tracked

Collabspot embeds images on the hyperlinks that is placed on an email. When the recipient clicks on a link, the server interprets it as the image being viewed, and the sidebar counts it as a click.

Use Unedited Hyperlinks
Since Collabspot uses images embedded on emails to track them, it is important to note that other email tracking companies have their own images that they can embed on a hyperlink.

Collabspot cannot track hyperlinks that already have other images/codes embedded on the hyperlink. We have our own code that our servers can recognize. The solution is to always use fresh hyperlinks:

  1. Manually type out links and set it as hyperlinks.
  2. Use Gmail’s feature "insert link"  when adding links into your email.
  3. Do not copy paste hyperlinks from previous emails or from another email. Chances are, those links are already edited or might have its own tracking links from other companies.

How it looks Like

For you to see if an email has an image imbedded in it, just hover your mouse over to a link and the link description message at the bottom of page will show URL's such as:




1. Users may not get any reported event from tracked emails sent to a recipient who is also using Collabspot or users who are using the same IP Address.

2. E-mail Alias: Replied events will not work when tracked emails are used with alias address.

3. Sending tracked emails using Keyboard commands. You need to manually click the Send button of Gmail for the feature to work.

4. When the recipient turns off images in Gmail.
Collabspot uses a tracking image/pixel embedded within your tracked email. There are moments that recipients have their images disabled, please see one of Gmail's settings Choose Whether To Show Images. If this is the case, the tracking image won’t be loaded. Collabspot won’t be able to notify the user that the message has been opened. 

5. Replying to or Forwarding a tracked email
Whenever you create a follow-up on the same thread, Collabspot will mark the email as replied. The extension considers the user's reply and forwarded message as a reply for that email. To properly track emails, it is highly advisable to start a new thread/message. This way, Collabspot will properly track the email.

6. Tracking multiple email addresses (CCs and BCCs included).

Tracking an email with multiple email addresses will show up as one section on the Collabspot sidebar. It may appear that the emails weren't tracked because an email sent with multiple email addresses will only be under one "tracking file". The sidebar tracks all email addresses; however, it's not possible to see which email address it's tracking. Collabspot can only record the location where the email was opened but not who opened the email.

7. Email Tracking event shows a different location.

Last December 2013, Google implemented a change to how linked images are handled in Gmail webmail. Somehow, these changes affect the way email tracking works. 

We rely on Google providing us the information so when an email is opened in Gmail, all embedded images, including our tracking image, get replaced with “proxies” from Google’s servers. So instead of loading the tracking image directly from our servers, the tracking image takes an additional route through Gmail’s proxy servers before reaching our servers.

This process of proxy routing removes the original location of the user loading the tracking image and replaces it with the location of Gmail’s proxy servers, which are located in the US or wherever the nearest Google datacenter is from the original viewer (please see link for reference). However, clicked link events are showing accurate location because the links and URLs are not affected by Gmail’s proxy.

In another case, the location of the user is based on his IP address. When this happens, there could be multiple reasons: they could be traveling, using a proxy/VPN or someone else is viewing their email at a different location.