1. Share Template

    2. Create a Category

    3. Add Reminder

Share Template

When composing or editing a template, go to "Sharing" section. 

You may share your template with:


    A. Everyone in your Global Team

    B. Selected Users in your Global Team

    C. Different Teams other than Global


Important Tips:

  1. You need to be a part of the Global team.
  2. You can only share templates to users of your Global team or different teams within the Company.
  3. For letters B and C. After Adding users or teams, click on Save Changes.
  4. Refresh the Collabspot Portal if you’re unable to view an email template that was shared to you.


Create A Category

You can create a Category by simply typing in the Category name in the Category field. You can also select an existing Category by clicking the dropdown icon.

Add Reminder

You can add a reminder for a specific template.
The reminders can be set to give you a notification after nth number of hours/days/weeks or
if there is no reply.

    1. On the Edit Email Template page, click on Add Reminder.

    2. Choose the setting for the reminder. Click on Save Changes when finished.

"Only if No Reply" Option

Once a reminder is tag as "Only if No Reply" and the associated email received a reply from the recipient, the reminder is automatically deleted from the Reminder's list.