Attach Google Drive Files in Email Template

You can attach your Google Drive files to your email templates. Before attaching, check the Share settings for the file. To learn more about sharing Google Drive files, please click this link.

1. Go to the the Edit Email Template Page on the Collabspot Portal.

2. Click on Grant Access to Google Drive.

Note: This permission is to allow Collabspot to access your Google Drive file. A separate permission must be made to allow other people to view your file.

3. Click Allow on the pop-up window. If the pop-up window is not appearing, check if you have a pop-up blocker.

4. A File Window will appear. Choose the file you want to upload. You can upload from your Google Drive or from your Desktop. Don't forget to hit Select button.

5. On the Edit Template page, notice that the uploaded file is already attached. Click on Save.

6. Refresh your Gmail account to let the changes take effect.