Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields automatically fill in the information from your instance to your email templates.

In the image below, the template automatically filled in the customer’s first name.



For the fields to populate:
  1. The email address should be entered on the To or CC field.
  2. The information (from the field) should be available in your instance.
  3. The sidebar is able to pull up the contact’s information.
  4. The dynamic fields will enter the information from the related entry. The related entry will have its information displayed on the sidebar.

Use Custom Dynamic Templates

You can pull up information from your custom fields in SugarCRM into your email templates. The format should be:




where FIELD_NAME should have a format that is exactly like the format of the field in your instance.


Find the field name of your custom field in Sugar

Only admins are able to determine your field name. If you are not the admin, ask your admin what the field names are of your custom templates. If you are the admin, please follow these steps to find the field name:

  1. Determine the location of the custom field.
  2. Go to Admin > Studio
  3. Go to the module where the field is located then go to Fields.
  4. Place the field name on your custom templates using this format: {{field_name}}
  5. Click on Save
  6. Refresh Gmail.

If your custom dynamic field isn’t working on Collabspot’s email templates, please check the following:

1. Check if the field is within SugarCRM. All fields are supported by Collabspot as it is listed in SugarCRM. To access the list of fields within SugarCRM, Go to Administration > Studio >(CHOSEN MODULE) >Fields. (See sample image below) 

2. Check how the field name was entered in your instance. 

3. Use two parenthesis {{ FIELD_NAME }} instead of three.


If you want to use the `email address` and/or `assigned user` field(s) use the following format:
email address -> {{ email[0].email_address }}
assigned user -> {{ assigned_user_name }}

Contact support@collabspot.com if you are still having issues with dynamic fields.