Collabspot will only be asking two sets of permissions: 

  • Extension Permissions
  • Google Account Related Permissions


Extension Permissions

The first one is Extension permissions, this will be asked during installation process. This is needed for the extension to work.

Users may check from the extension page to view the detailed list of permissions

1. On your address bar, type "chrome://extensions".

2. Click Details below Collabspot extension.

3. Small window will pop-up showing a list of permissions


Google Account Related Permissions

Another permission is needed when trying to access Collabspot features e.g. Attachments saving to CRM, Email reply tracking, Contact Sync, Calendar Sync, etc.

Users may check via Gmail Account settings to view the detailed list of permissions

1. Open Profile located on the right hand corner of Gmail and from drop-down menu select "Account'" option

2. Once in accounts page, go to "Connected apps and services" section

3. Beside Account permissions, select "View All"

4. Or simply click this link