There are instances when your chrome profile gets corrupted. To fix this issue, you need to install Collabspot on a new Chrome profile/person. 

Create a new Chrome profile

1. Click the Person Name button located at the upper-right corner of your Chrome web browser.

2. Then Click the "Manage People" button.

3. A pop-up window will appear. Click "Add Person" on the lower right side. 

4. Provide a name for your new Profile then click the Add button. 

5. A new window will appear. On your New Chrome Profile, Don't sign in to your Chrome. Skip signing in to your New Chrome. You might encounter issues when you're previously or still logged in to your other Chrome.

6. Open a new tab. Click on Gmail button or search:

7. Login to your Gmail account.

8. Then install Collabspot from the new Chrome. Click this Link to view instructions on how to install Collabspot.


Please contact if you still encounter the same issue.