I keep on getting this error message frequently:


Error: You have exceeded 2 slow_people_email_search requests in a 10-second period. Please wait 10 seconds before retrying.


Reason behind this error:

Highrise recently lowered the API limit call to searching for contacts via an email address to 2 requests in a 10 second period. Everything else is still at 500 requests per 10 seconds:https://github.com/basecamp/highrise-api#rate-limiting.

We use Highrise API to communicate with your instance. That's how we are able to load info in the sidebar, using their API. Their recent changes means that every time Collabspot tries to request for a data ie Contacts info from Highrise, it only allows 2 requests every 10 seconds. So when you open an email for the first time and the sidebar tries to load the info of the related contact that is already 1 request then you hover another email address and another one within 10 seconds, it will trigger the error message to popup. This is because of the limit that they've recently applied on their API.

We will continue to find a workaround for this limitation and we'll be sending updates to all Highrise users once we figure out something.