Collabspot's calendar sync operates independently from the sidebar on your GMail. You will need to set-up calendar sync using your Sugar credentials separately via Collabspot portal.

To start using the calendar sync, you will have to re-enter the same SugarCRM credentials you used when you initially set-up Collabspot (i.e. the SugarCRM username and password).

1. Go to the Collabspot Portal by clicking on the Gear Icon > Open Collabspot Portal. You can also use this 

2. Click on Calendar Sync from the left panel then enter your Sugar 7 credentials. If you want to sync your Sugar Tasks, place a checkmark on "Also import my Sugar tasks". 

3. Click on Start Syncing.

4. After following the prompts, Collabspot will start the sync process. The INITIAL SYNC will ONLY sync events / tasks from Sugar that are assigned to you to Google calendar. To prevent syncing personal, private, or confidential events to Sugar, Collabspot does not sync to your Personal Calendar during initial sync. 

5. It will take a couple of minutes or more for the sync to be completed depending on how many events you have in your Sugar. Once the sync has been completed, it will return to the Update Sync/Calendar Import page (you have to manually refresh the page to see the new page). A new calendar called SugarCRM will appear in Google. All events will be synced to your SugarCRM

For more information on how Calendar sync works, please click this link.